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Payroll processing excel utility is payroll software developed for salary processing of employees. This article will explain about how to use Payroll processing excel utility. Following are the key features of this utility.

  • Process Monthly salary up to 100 employees.
  • Maintain Employee Masters, Salary Masters, Tax Masters for salary processing.
  • Print Pay slips with bulk pdf option.
  • Print Bank letter for payment.
  • Automatic income tax calculation.
  • Form 16 Part B printing.

Updated for FY 2018-19 (date: 18-06-2018)

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When you open the excel file you will see the HOME sheet this is the main sheet of this software which will connect to all other screens. Below are the procedure to use the payroll software.

Update Company Master:

In HOME sheet you can double click on company master and it will open the company master sheet. In this sheet you have to update the company master, that is company name and address the salary component of the company which includes income components, deduction components and company contributions.

Similarly you can also make changes to the income tax exemption limit for the year, presently the limits are updated as per the financial year 2017-18. If you want to use this software for different financial year you can update the payroll period in the company master and in case if you want to rerun the payroll for a particular month you can come to company master sheet and delete the payroll status for that particular month.

Update Employee details:

In HOME sheet you have to update the details of employees. Before updating employee details first select the status as active in drop down list. Then update Employee number, Employer name, Department, Designation, Date of birth, Date of joining, PF number, Contact details in this sheet. In this sheet you can update of 100 employees details to process the salary. If the status of a employee is active then that employee record will be considered for salary processing. In case if an employee resign, you can select Left in status column, that employee record will not be considered for salary processing.

Update Salary Master:

After updating company master and employee details the next step is to update salary master of the employee. To update salary master, double click on Salary Master in home sheet. It will take you to employee salary master sheet. In that the employee Name which you have updated in home sheet is automatically updated. Then you will have to update the salary details like income components, deduction components like PF, professional tax, insurance, Income Tax deduction will be automatically updated based on the projections. Also the company contribution is to be updated along with these information.

The bank account details of the employee to which we are making the payment of salary is also to be updated in this sheet.

Update Tax Masters:

In tax master you have the update the details required for tax calculation. The details are perquisite details, any other income declared by the employee and the deduction claimed for tax computation. Based on this information tax computation is done and the TDS is deducted each month accordingly.

Process Salary:

After updating company master, salary master and tax master the payroll software is ready for salary processing. To process the salary for a particular month please go to Home sheet, in that you will have to double click on the month for which you want to process the salary, if the salary process is already completed for that particular month the cell colour will change to blue and if you click on that it will show a message “salary already processed for this month”.

When you double click on a particular month to process the salary, it will open the Salary process sheet. Salary details in this sheet are updated from the salary master and income tax is calculated based on the information provided in the tax master. Before processing the salary you can check the correctness of number. If everything is correct you can click on process salary to process the salary for that particular month.

In case if you want to make any changes in the salary details of any employee you can click on Additional details. It will open the Addition&Deletion sheet. In that sheet you can update the information of income, deduction or company contribution in addition to the salary master. This can be used when you make loss of pay  or the payment of arrears of salary. If you want to pay the salary less than the salary master, you can give the details with minus sign in Addition&Deletion sheet. Click on Back to go back to salary process sheet. The additional details updated here will be considered for salary processing of this month only.

Reporting Options in Payroll software in excel

In this payroll software different reporting options are made available in the home sheet. You can get these reports instantly after processing that salary.

Pay Register:

After processing the salary, you can double click on Pay register and select the month for which you have already process the salary, it will give the entire details of pay register for that particular month for all the employees.

Pay slip:

Another reporting in this utility is printing Pay slip for employees for each month. If you want to print the pay slip individually you can enter the serial number of the employee and the month for which you want to print payslip. This utility also provides the facility to create bulk PDF of pay slips. To create PDF please enter from and to serial number of the employee and click on create PDF.

pay slip in excel

Income tax computation:

You can also print the income tax competition for full year. The tax competition is done based on projected income for the entire year and the details updated in the tax master. You can also create the PDF using bulk PDF option.

tax computation in excel

Bank Payment Letter:

In Bank Payment, you can get the net salary payable to the employer along with his bank account number and IFS code for each month. You can pay the Salary using these details.

bank payment- payroll software

Form 16 Part B

Finally, You can also print form 16 part B after completing the salary processing for entire year which can be issued to employees.

form 16 part b in excel

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Terms and Conditions:

By using this utility you agree to be bound by this terms and conditions. You further agree that your employees / any person you authorise to use the excel utility will also be bound by this terms and conditions. This excel utility is prepared for Payroll processing. All due care has been taken while preparing the utility to meet the user requirement. But we will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by using this excel utility. This excel software utility is to be used only by the approved user. Also the user is not authorised to upload or share this in the online forums or in the internet.

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