Using VALUE Function in Excel

Excel Version in which VALUE functions can work:

Excel VALUE function works in all Excel Versions.

About Excel VALUE function:

The Microsoft Excel VALUE formula converts a text value that represents a number to a number. It is a built in String or Text function in excel. It also can be used as a worksheet function.

Syntax for VALUE:



text : The cell to convert to a number.If text is not a number, the VALUE formula will return #VALUE!.

Using VALUE:

Let’s look at some Excel VALUE function examples and explore how to use the VALUE as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel. Take B3, B4 and B5 are the cell references respectively.

Words Formula Result
14586  =VALUE(B2) 14586
25478  =VALUE(B3) 25478
458mango  =VALUE(B4) #VALUE!

value function



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