Process Payroll in Excel

Processing Payroll in excel with tax computation, Monthly Salary statement, Pay slip etc.

Process up to 10 employees salary.

1    Update Employee master with employee details.
      In employee master select status “EXISTING” Or “LEFT”
      if you select the status “LEFT” the salary will not be processed for that employee
      If a employee leaves , you need not delete the record, just change the status to “LEFT”
2    After updating employee master, update the salary details of each employee.
3    Update the tax master with other income and Chapter VI deductions.
      PF contribution and LIC deduction from salary is taken automatically.
4    After updating all the masters, you can run the payroll for each month.
5    If there any revision in the salary , that can be updated in salary master.
6    You can view the following report after processing the salary.
Salary Statement for the Month
Pay Summary -Bank
Tax Computation
Pay Slip Print
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10 thoughts on “Process Payroll in Excel

  1. Mathy Sugan says:

    myself would like this way of excel format but i cant use like way of excel please instructed to me.

  2. Jimmie Menon says:

    I also like this format but make sure that before each payday, you will need to let the service know of any changes that will affect the upcoming payroll. These changes can include information such as number of hours worked for hourly employees, changes in tax status, new hires, or terminations. I am a Payroll Services Guelph in Canada and it is important to follow all information regarding payroll.

  3. deva says:

    Very useful for salary can I process more then 10 employee ?

  4. Alyssa Renee says:

    This is good to know and I am so pleased to get it here the Process of Payroll in Excel. It also come to help us more and wish to get more valuable info in your next. I think this knowledge will help me to operate my company payroll services nicely. Thanks for sharing entire things nicely.

  5. Wandering Guy says:

    Yes, that was a helpful format in the excel sheet. The best and the easy way to use for many small business owners who are just setting up their business. Great job.

    James – Payroll service Bendigo

    • Buck says:

      You’re a real deep thnkeir. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sutton Brandonn says:

    There are various kinds of deductions and those should be specified as it will affect the gross payment. Also there are deductions for the employer for the EPF and SOCSO. This should be given in detail at the Payslip.

    Usually I think the complication of payslip is underestimated. In case there is a company with 100 employees and all payslips are not correct?

    A good payroll service should be aware of all these important points which has to be there.

    Keep sharing such quality stuff!

  7. SteveSob says:

    Find out what you need to improve in yourself to become more effective!

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