Easy MIS report format of performance for small business.

MIS report format of performance for small business: Management information system reporting or MIS reporting is a set of data compiled and presented to management. This information is helpful in analyzing the business situation. This will also help in decision making for different level of management. This MIS report format will help for small business … Read more

Simple project management dashboard in excel

Simple project management dashboard in excel: Project is a unique non routine task, the completion of which requires many sequence of activities. To complete any project successfully proper planning, execution, reviewing monitoring is very essential. The list of activities to complete the project is to be identified and the time required to complete each activity is … Read more

FD calculator for monthly interest recognision

When an organisation keeps money in many fixed deposit, the interest should be recognized  on periodic basis. Usually it is calculated on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. When there are many fixed deposit,  it is difficult to calculate accrued interest for a period. This fd calculator Excel sheet is prepared to calculate the monthly interest accrued … Read more

Accounts receivable ageing report in excel

Ageing Statement analysis is a key control for any business. The ageing analysis can be for accounts receivable, accounts payable, advance received, advance paid, inventory etc. Any delay in settling the transaction may have some adverse impact on business. Therefore, the ageing analysis will help in finding such delay in settling the transaction and early … Read more

Process Payroll in Excel

Processing Payroll in excel with tax computation, Monthly Salary statement, Pay slip etc. Process up to 10 employees salary. LATEST VERSION OF PAYROLL SOFTWARE IN EXCEL FOR FREE        1    Update Employee master with employee details.         In employee master select status “EXISTING” Or “LEFT”         if you select the status … Read more

10 Shortcut Keys in excel to speedup your work.

The shortcut keys will speed up the work by avoiding mouse clicks. Remembering these shortcut keys may be difficult, but by regular practice we can develop the habit of using short cut keys. Following are the 10 shortcut keys to speedup your work. 1 Ctrl+Space and Shift+Space  these are the short cut keys used for … Read more