How to make auto fill forms in excel using linked pictures

Auto fill forms can be prepared in excel using linked picture option easily. If we prepare format of any form in excel, it will take lot of time and if it contains picture, logo and colours, it is difficult to align and set for print. To avoid this we can scan and insert the blank form in picture format and insert the linked pictures of the field to update the form.
In the given example the application for digital signature is taken to show how to prepare the form. 
1) The picture of the blank form is to be inserted in the excel file and should be set for the printable area.

2) The information needs to be updated in the form is to be updated in another sheet and it should be formatted to fit to the form.

3) The formatted information should be copied from the data sheet and pasted on the form as linked picture. After pasting the linked picture it can be adjusted to fit in the fields of form. 
The linked picture will be updated when the information in the data sheet is updated.

Example file can be downloaded from here.

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