Process Payroll in Excel

Processing Payroll in excel with tax computation, Monthly Salary statement, Pay slip etc.

Process up to 10 employees salary.

1    Update Employee master with employee details.
      In employee master select status “EXISTING” Or “LEFT”
      if you select the status “LEFT” the salary will not be processed for that employee
      If a employee leaves , you need not delete the record, just change the status to “LEFT”
2    After updating employee master, update the salary details of each employee.
3    Update the tax master with other income and Chapter VI deductions.
      PF contribution and LIC deduction from salary is taken automatically.
4    After updating all the masters, you can run the payroll for each month.
5    If there any revision in the salary , that can be updated in salary master.
6    You can view the following report after processing the salary.
Salary Statement for the Month
Pay Summary -Bank
Tax Computation
Pay Slip Print
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4 thoughts on “Process Payroll in Excel”

  1. Very useful for salary can I process more then 10 employee ?

  2. Nirav Shah

    kindly share salary payroll software for FY 19-20

  3. sonipankaj

    indly share salary payroll software for FY 19-20

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