Income tax refund status, Assessment status, Assessee Profile Management in Excel

Income tax refund status, Assessment status, Assessee Profile Management in Excel

This is Income Tax Return filing season, professionals file many many Income Tax Returns for their clients. Keeping track of all these income tax returns filed, monitoring assessment status, Income tax refund status etc is a difficult and time consuming task.
To make this task easy this Excel utility is prepared. In this Excel utility you can create the profile of each assessee, and track the status of income tax return for different years. With the support and encouragement given buy all of you for our earlier version of utility we have upgraded the utility with added features the key features of this utility are as follows:

  • Assessee’s profile details like Name, Address, Mobile No., E-Mail can be stored.
  • Details for many assessment year can be recorded and monitored
  • Link the related file and open by one click.
  • Login to income tax website with one click.
  • Open the websites to with auto fill of assesse details
To create the profile of the assessee, initially the PAN number of the assessee is to be updated in the list sheet, then double click on that row to open the profile page of that assessee. The details of the assessee is to be updated to complete the profile creation.
Income tax refund status
Income tax refund status

Assessee Profile Details:

In assessee profile, you can update Password to Income tax website, date of birth, Name, Address, Mobile No., E-Mail Id.This will generae ITR V password and Form 26AS password automatically in the profile.

Assessment Details:

Assessment details for different years can be updated and relevant files can be linked to each line. The assessment year can be updated to identify each line in this utility. For each profile up 100 line items can be created and 100 files can be linked. The linked files can be opened with one click and file link can be deleted  or edited to make necessary changes.

Income tax refund status
Income tax refund status

Login to income tax website:

In this utility you can login to the income tax website directly by clicking on login button. This will update login details to the website automatically. You can also check the ITR V submission status, refund status and PAN check in this utility with auto-fill facility.

To register this utility and get the activation code, click on activation code and follow the procedure. You can update activation code in the list sheet to full functioning of the utility.

Income tax refund status
Register the utility.

Register your email id to get the utility.

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