How to use Excel FORMULATEXT function


FORMULATEXT function in excel is a Math/Trig function. It is a worksheet function. This function is used to retrieve a formula from a reference in form of a text string.




  • Reference- t is the reference made to a range or cell.


  • Reference argument can be from other worksheet also.
  • If the other worksheet to which reference is made is not open, #N/A error is displayed.
  • If the reference is made two an entire range, the value in the uppermost left cell is returned.
  • If the cell to which reference is made do not have any formula, #N/A error is displayed.
  • If the reference cell contains more than 8192 characters, #N/A error is displayed. 
  • #VALUE! error is displayed invalid data format is used.
  • FORMULATEXT function was introduced in the Excel 2013 and available only in later versions.


In the following example, a table of items is given in column A and its value is given in column B. In column C these values are added using formula like =B4+B5 etc. And the formula is retrieved using FORMULATEXT function in the column D.

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