How to use Excel CEILING.MATH function


CEILING.MATH function in excel is a Math/Trig function. It is a worksheet function. It rounds up the given function to a defined multiple. For example, number 1.5 is rounded up to nearest multiple of 1 by formula =CEILING.MATH(1.5,1) which gives 2 as the result. CEILING.MATH function is different from CEILING as it uses 1 as a default multiple and explicitly rounds up negative integers.


=CEILING.MATH(Number, Significance, Mode)


  • Number- The number or cell containing the number that is to be rounded off.
  • Significance- It is the multiple to which you can round up the number.
  • Mode- Used for rounding negative integers. Default value is zero.


  • If the provided number is a multiple of significance argument, it is not rounded up.
  • CEILING.MATH function is same as MROUND function except it always rounds up.  
  • If argument is non numeric, #VALUE! error is displayed.
  • A negative integer is rounded towards zero. For example, -2.5 is rounded to -2. To round it away from zero, use a negative number in mode argument.
  • CEILING.MATH function is available in excel 2013 or above.


In the following example, a table of numbers is given, it is rounded up using CEILING.MATH function.

In the following example, number of items and their bundle size is given; we use CEILING.MATH function to find how many bundles are needed.

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