How to highlight selected cell in excel

Recently I received a question from our reader through our facebook page about how to highlight selected cell in excel with color. I have crated this short VBA codes for following to answer his question: VBA code to highlight selected cell in a single sheet.VBA code to highlight selected cell in all sheetsVBA code to highlight active row and column READ MORE

Excel VBA to Display search result in listbox

In case if you have a large list of employee data in a sheet and you want to select one employee details in main sheet based on the employee number. You can put a vlookup table and the details can be retrieved based on id in that table as below. But in case if you cant remember all employee id’s, READ MORE

MAC address lookup in excel vba code

What is MAC address? A media access control address (MAC address) is a unique identification assigned to a device network interface controller (NIC) for communication at the data link layer of a network segment. In simple words, this is a unique identification for a device or computer in a network for communication. You can get more details from here Use READ MORE