What you need to know in excel screen ?

If you are using the excel for the first time or if you are not so familiar with excel software. Following are the parts of the excel screen that you need to know in excel screen to use the exciting features of excel.

What you need to know in excel screen ?

What you need to know in excel screen ?
1.   Active cell indicator- there will be only one active cell at a time in worksheet and that will be shown with dark outline
2.   Column letters -columns are identified by letters ranging from A to XFD- one for each of the 16,384 columns in a sheet. You can click a column heading to select an entire column of cells or drag a column border to change its width.
3.   Row numbers- there are 1,048,576 rows in a worksheet these numbers are identified with numeric 1 to 1,048,576. You can click a row number to select an entire row of cells.
4.   Formula bar-the information or formulas entered into a cell will appears in the formula bar.
5.   Name box-This box displays the active cell address or the name of the selected cell, range or object.
6.   Ribbon- in this ribbon Excel commands are listed to perform different task. Clicking an item in the tab list changes the ribbon that is displayed. Under different tabs different commands are listed.
7.   File button -By Clicking this button you can open backstage view, which contains many options for working with your document and excel setting options.
8.   Quick access toolbar-This quick access toolbar contains commonly used commands. The quick access toolbar is always visible regardless of which tab is selected. This list can be edited or customised.
9.   Tab list-Use these commands to display a different ribbon, similar to a menu. Different ribbon consists consits of different category of commands.
10.Title bar-This displays the name of the workbook and program that is Excel.  It also holds the Quick Access toolbar and some control buttons that you can use to modify the window.
11.Help button -Click this to display the excel help. Excel will suggest the functions.
12.Ribbon display option- In this option you can select ribbon display to auto hide, hide or display.
13.Window minimize button- This button will enable us to minimise the excel workbook.
14.Window maximize/Restore button- By clicking this button, you can increase the workbook window’s size to fill the entire screen. If the window is already maximized, clicking this button “unmaximizes” Excel’s window so that it will restore the window to smaller size.
15.Window close button- Click this button to close the active workbook window. If you have not saved before closing, it will ask to save the workbook.
16.Collapse the ribbon button -Click this button to temporarily hide the ribbon. Click it again to make the ribbon remain visible.
17.Status bar- This bar displays various messages, as well as the status of the num lock, Caps lock, and Scroll lock keys on your keyboard. It also shows summary information about the range of cells selected. The details can be customised by right clicking the status bar.
18.Sheet tab scroll buttons-Use these buttons to scroll the sheet tabs to display tabs that aren’t visible. With right-click you can get a list of sheets in different box and you can select the required sheet.
19.Macro recorder indicator -Click to start recording a VAB macro. The icon changes while your actions are being recorded. Click again to stop recording.
20.Sheet tabs- Each of these tabs are worksheets in a workbook. A workbook can have any number of sheets, and each sheet ha its name displayed in sheet tab.
21.New sheet button- You can add a new worksheet by clicking the new sheet button.
22.Horizontal scrollbar- Use this tools to scroll the sheet horizontally.
23.Page view buttons-Click these buttons to change the way the worksheet is displayed. There are three options available like normal, page layout and page break preview.
24.Zoom control- Use this to zoom your worksheet in and out.
25.Vertical Scrollbar- Use this to scroll the sheet vertically.
need to know in excel screen

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