How to use Excel FIXED function


FIXED function in excel is a String/Text function. It is a worksheet function. It rounds the given number to a defined number of decimal places. It changes the format of the number into decimal format by using commas and period. Its result is in form of a text representation of the given number.  For example, number 1.548 is rounded by using the formula =FIXED(1.548,1,TRUE) which gives 1.5 as the result.


=FIXED(Number, Decimals, No_Commas)


  • Number- The number or cell containing the number that is to be rounded off.
  • Decimals- It is the number of decimal places to which the final result will be displayed. By default its value is 2.
  • No_Commas- Decides whether commas are to be used in the result or not. If value is TRUE, no commas are used while for FALSE value commas are used. 


  • Integers in excel can be made of up to 15 digits but decimal numbers can be made of up to 127 digits.
  • For negative ‘decimals’, they are rounded to the left of decimal point.
  •  If no ‘decimals’ is entered, then it is assumed to be two by default.
  • If in place of no_commas, FALSE is entered or no value is entered, then commas are included in the result text by default.
  • Difference between number format in excel and FIXED function is that the number format only return a number as output while the FIXED function changes the number into text form. 


In the following example, a table of numbers is given, it is rounded up to the nearest FIXED integer using FIXED function.

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