How to use Excel ROWS function


ROWS function in excel is a lookup or reference function. It provides us with number of rows in an array or reference. We have to enter a range in Excel format and it returns number of rows present in that range. For example row A1:A6 gives 6 as the result.   




array – It can be the range of cells or an array formula, or an array.                                                 


  • A name range may also be used in ROWS function
  • It does not return values present inside the cells, it simply returns number of cells.
  • If we remove the argument than ROWS function automatically considers that cell as the argument in which it has been entered. For example If function ROWS() is entered in cell A1 it would consider A1 as the argument and give one as the result.
  • It can also be used with other functions like to count total number of cells ROWS function can be combined with COLUMNS function.
  • It can also be combined with ADDRESS function to get the complete address of a range.


Total number of rows in a range: – In this example we calculated total number of rows by using the syntax =ROWS(A4:B9) and =ROWS(A4:C9) which gave 6 as the result.

rows function

 Total Cells: – ROWS function can be used with COLUMNS function to get total number of cells in a range. In the following example we use the syntax =ROWS(A4:C9)*COLUMNS(A4:C9), which gives 18 as the result.

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