8 Best Uses of Excel software

Excel is a spread sheet software developed by Microsoft, used for numerical calculations data analysis.
This is a widely used user friendly software which helps in storing the data, numerical calculation, graphs and charts, dashboard reporting etc. 
Below are the top 8 best Uses of Excel spread sheet software:-
1.   Numerical calculations:- This type of software used in create budgets, tabulate the expenses analyse, survey results and perform just about any type of financial modeling etc.
2.   Text manipulation:- Clean up and standardized text based data.
3.   Chart and graphs:– Different type of charts can be created in excel for visual analysis of data.
4.   Organizing lists like a database :- Use the row and column layout to store lists efficiently, which can also be used as database for small applications.
5.   Accessing other data:- Import data from different format and sources and compile, consolidate etc.
6.   Creatin dashboards:– Summarize a large amount of business or project information in a pictorial format for presentation and easy understanding. The project management dashboards and
7.   Creating graphics and diagrams:– Use shapes and smart art to create professional looking diagrams, organization charts etc.
8.   Automating by Visual Basic Macros:– Macros can be created to automate the tedious and repetitive task with a single mouse click. Excel enable to program the task with the help of visual basic coding.

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