How to use Excel WEEKDAY Function


WEEKDAY function in Excel is a type of DATE/TIME function. This function converts a date into a number from 1 to 7 which represents day of the week. For example, 1 represents Sunday and 2 represents Monday and 7 represents Saturday. This function can also be used with other functions for inserting the day of the week.


=WEEKDAY(Serial_Number, Return_Type)


  • Serial_Number: It is the date for which day of the week needs to be found.
  • Return_Type: It is the number which represents week mapping scheme. Its default value is 1


  • In General formatting of Excel, Dates are in form of serial numbers. Serial number 1 is for 1 JAN, 1900 and the number increases from thereon. For getting it in readable form use the formatting tab.
  • The argument used must represent a valid date in Excel format.
  • If the arguments used have number values which are out of range of valid excel date, #NUM error is displayed
  • If the arguments used have strings which cannot be converted into valid dates, #VALUE error is displayed.


Return type Numeric result Day mapping
1 1-7 Sunday-Saturday
2 1-7 Monday-Sunday
3 0-6 Monday-Sunday
11 1-7 Monday-Sunday
12 1-7 Tuesday-Monday
13 1-7 Wednesday-Tuesday
14 1-7 Thursday-Wednesday
15 1-7 Friday-Thursday
16 1-7 Saturday-Friday
17 1-7 Sunday-Saturday


In this example, dates are given in column A and WEEKDAY function is used to retrieve day of the week in column B for the corresponding date:

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