How to use Excel ODD function


ODD function in excel is a Math/Trig function. It is a worksheet function. It rounds up the given function to the nearest odd integer. For example, number 2 is rounded up to the nearest odd integer by using the formula =ODD(2) which gives 3 as the result. It can also be used to find the number of items which come in bundles of odd numbers.




  • Number- The number or cell containing the number that is to be rounded off.


  • If argument is non numeric, #VALUE! error is displayed.
  • This function rounds up the numbers provided to the next odd integer, by ignoring even numbers falling in between.
  • Numbers with negative sign are rounded away from zero. For example, ‘-2’ is rounded to ‘-3’.
  • If the number to be rounded up is an ODD integer then no rounding occurs.


In the following example, a table of numbers is given, it is rounded up to the nearest odd integer using ODD .

For the negative integers , ODD function rounds away from zero as shown in the following example:

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