How to use Excel NUMBERVALUE Function


NUMBERVALUE is a text/string function. This function is used to convert text into number with decimals and separator values in it. For example, =NUMBERVALUE(“2000.990”, “,”, “.”), it gives 2000.99 as the answer. This is a worksheet function and can be entered into the cell in which you wants answer.


=NUMBERVALUE(Text, decimal_separator, group_separator)


  • Text: It is the text which will be converted into number.
  • Decimal_Separator: It is the character used as decimal separator in the text.
  • Group_Separator: It is the character used as group separator in the text.


  • If any of the arguments is not entered correctly, #VALUE error is displayed.
  • If group separator and decimal separator arguments are interchanged in the formula, #VALUE error is displayed.
  • If Text argument is left blank, 0 is returned.
  • Spaces present in the text are ignored.
  • If more than one character is used in group separator and decimal separator arguments, function uses only the first characters entered.


In this example, some numbers stored as text are entered in column A and they are converted into number form with decimals and separators in column B by using NUMBERVALUE function.

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