How to use Excel MROUND function


MROUND function in excel is a Math/Trig function. It is a worksheet function. It rounds up or down the given function to a defined multiple. For example, number 8.5 is rounded to nearest multiple of 3 by formula =MROUND(8.5,3) which gives 9 as the result.


=MROUND(Number, Multiple)


  • Number- The number or cell containing the number that is to be rounded off.
  • Multiple- It is the multiple to which you can round the number.


  • MROUND function rounds up or rounds away from zero when the reminder left after dividing the given number with the provided multiple is equal to or greater than half of the value of multiple.
  • If the multiple used is in decimal form then the rounding direction is not defined.
  • If argument is non numeric, #VALUE! error is displayed.
  • If sign of significance argument and number is opposite, #NUM! error is displayed.


In the following example, a table of numbers is given, it is rounded up using MROUND function.

In the following example, time is rounded off to the nearest 15 minutes using MROUND function.

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