How to use Excel EXPON.DIST Function


EXPON.DIST function in excel is a statistical function. This function is used to find the exponential distribution. It is an update over EXONDIST function and is available in Excel 2010 and newer versions. It is a worksheet function and can be entered into the cell in which value is required.


=EXPON.DIST(X, Lambda, Cumulative)


X: It is the value of the function.

Lambda:  It is the value of the parameter.

Cumulative: It is a logical value which helps in determining which type of exponential function is to be used. TRUE gives cumulative distribution function and FALSE gives probability density function.


  • For non numeric value of x and lambda, #VALUE error is displayed.
  • If x<0 or lambda <=0 than #NUM error is displayed.
  • Formula for probability density function is:
  • Formula for cumulative distribution function is:


In this example, EXPON.DIST function is used to find cumulative distribution function for values present is column A and Column B and write results in column D. Value of X are given in column A and value of Lambda are given in column B respectively.

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