How to use Excel DAY Function


DAY function in Excel is a type of DATE/TIME function. It gives value of the day of month numbering between 1 and 31. This function can be applied to find the number of the day from the date present in the cell. This can also be used to extract and put the number of the day into other functions , for example in DATE function.




Date-Argument:- This is the required date in mm/dd/yyyy format.


  • In General formatting of Excel, Dates are in form of serial numbers. Serial number 1 is for 1 JAN, 1900 and the number increases from thereon. For getting it in readable form use the formatting function.
  • The argument used must represent a valid date in Excel format.


  1. The day gives number value of the day, numbering between 1 and 31.

Example:- For a date 8 Jan, 2018 written in cell A3:

=DAY(A3)  /  gives 08

2. It can be used in other functions like DATE. Example:- For changing year of a date in a cell A3 to 2018 , but keeping the day and month unchanged:


3. In this example day of the month corresponding to the date are found using the DAY function.


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