How to use Excel CHAR Function


CHAR in excel is a text/string function. CHAR function is used to return a character defined by a number. In windows operating system ANSI/ASCII/Unicode character set is used. This function can be used to define characters which are complex in nature. For example =CHAR(36) returns $ character because it 36 represents $ character in windows character system.




  • Number: It is a value lying from 1 to 255.


  • Excel online only used Character set (9, 10, 32) and above.
  • ANSI character set: It is the fundamental character set available in Windows systems in Windows 95 and NT, following these systems ASCII/Unicode system is used.
  • For Mac systems there is a separate Macintosh character set.
  • You can use the following links as reference to find the numbers and their corresponding characters: – For Windows systems – For Mac systems


In this example, following CHAR function is used to retrieve following characters in windows operating system:

Number Character
36 $
65 A
169 ©

=CHAR(34) corresponds to ” character.

=CHAR(36) corresponds to $ character.

=CHAR(65) corresponds to uppercase A letter.

=CHAR(169) corresponds to © character.

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