How to customise quick access toolbar…?

If you use some of the excel commands very frequently and if you find it difficult to call from the ribbon, you can add this command to quick access toolbar with the help of customise quick access toolbar.

quick access toolbar
Default quick access toolbar will contains 3 tools save, undo and redo. You can customise the quick access toolbar by adding other commands that you use often.

There are different ways to add commands to quick access toolbar.

Customise quick access toolbar with dropdown list: 

By clicking on the drop down list and selecting the command the commands can be added to quick access toolbar.

customise quick access toolbar

Customise quick access toolbar by right click on the command on the ribbon

By right-click on the commands appearing on the ribbon and selecting Add to quick access toolbar the command can be added to quick access toolbar.

quick access toolbar

Quick access toolbar in Excel Options: 

Under excel options there is an option to customse quick access toolbar. There are few commands in excel which are not available in ribbon. These commands can be accessed  by adding this to quick access toolbar.
quick access toolbar

Shortcut to quick access toolbar: 

The shortcut for quick access toolbar will be Alt+1 or Alt+2 … in the sequence in which it appears in the toolbar.

quick access toolbar

How to move quick access toolbar: 

by default the quick access toolbar  appears on the  left side  of the title bar, above  the ribbon.  Alternatively, you can display  the quick access toolbar  below the ribbon. To move this below the ribbon just right-click the  quick access toolbar and choose  show quick access toolbar  below the ribbon. Displaying  the  quick access toolbar  below the ribbon  provides  a bit more room  for icons,  but it also  means  that you see  One Less row  of your worksheet.
quick access toolbar

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