Excel autocorrect feature and tricks to save time

While typing in excel, you might have seen that excel will do many auto correct functions.  We can customize the autocorrect features in excel as per our requirement. To go to excel autocorrect options, follow the below steps:

  • Click on Office button
  • Click on Excel options and then
  • Click on Proofing 
  • Click on AutoCorrect options.
excel autocorrect

It gives various options and you can customise the autocorrect feature as per your requirement. 

Easy entry of repeatedly used words using excel autocorrect

In case if you are entering long words like company name, Address etc, many times in excel, you can give some short cuts to this for easy entry. In order to do this, Go to AutoCorrect options and enter shortcut you want to use in Replace: and extension of that in With: . In the above screen you can see that i have updated eh for www. excelhub.org

Whenever i enter eh and space in excel cell, it will replace that with www.excelhub.org . This will help in saving time in typing full name every time.

Like this if you know any such techniques, please share that in comment.

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