Vlookup to the left: 3 ways to lookup left in excel

Vlookup is the most widely used function in Excel. As we all know Vlookup searches for the given value in a table and brings the value of that column or the column which is in the right side. That means by default Vlookup can look right side in the table. However with the combination of other functions we can make READ MORE

How to use Vlookup wildcard search in excel

In excel formulas; we can use the wildcard for partial matches to get the results. This can be used many functions where we do matching to get the results. Similarly, we can use the wildcard in vlookup formula. In this post I will explain you how to use vlookup wildcard in excel formula. You can also download the sample excel READ MORE

How to use VLOOKUP in excel

VLOOKUP in excel is the popular and widely used formula in MS Excel. VLOOKUP function searches given value ( lookup_value) in the left most column of the table and returns the value in the  given column (col_index_num) of the matching row. The syntax for VLOOKUP in excel: =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup]) Lookup_value: lookup_value  is the value you want to search READ MORE