How to use Excel FLOOR function

Introduction FLOOR function in excel is a Math/Trig function. It is a worksheet function. It rounds down the given number to the nearest multiple , towards zero. For example, number 1.5 is rounded down by significance 1 to the nearest integer towards zero by formula =FLOOR(1.5,1) which gives 1 as the result. FLOOR function is … Read more

SUMIFS Functions in Excel

SUMIF function is used to add the cells in a range which meets the given criteria. In SUMIF function you can give only one criteria. SUMIFS function adds the cells in a range which meets multiple criteria. Syntax for SUMIFS function is =SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], …) The sequence of arguments are different in … Read more

How to use Excel SUMIF Formula

In this article we have explained how to use Excel SUMIF Formula. Excel SUMIF function can be used to sum the value in a range that meets the given criteria.  Syntax for Excel SUMIF Formula is:  =SUMIF(range, criteria,[sum_range]) range is the argument that specifies the cells in which the criteria or the condition is to be … Read more