8 Best Uses of Excel software

Excel is a spread sheet software developed by Microsoft, used for numerical calculations data analysis.This is a widely used user friendly software which helps in storing the data, numerical calculation, graphs and charts, dashboard reporting etc. Below are the top 8 best Uses of Excel spread sheet software:-1.   Numerical calculations:- This type of software used in create budgets, tabulate the expenses analyse, survey results and perform just about any type of financial modeling etc.2.   Text manipulation:- Clean up and standardized text…

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Easy MIS report format of performance for small business.

MIS report format of performance for small business: Management information system reporting or MIS reporting is a set of data compiled and presented to management. This information is helpful in analyzing the business situation. This will also help in decision making for different level of management. This MIS report format will help for small business to present the information in a easy manner.   Different department may use different kinds of reports to analyse and decision making. Generally small organisation…

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Simple project management dashboard in excel

Simple project management dashboard in excel: Project is a unique non routine task, the completion of which requires many sequence of activities. To complete any project successfully proper planning, execution, reviewing monitoring is very essential. The list of activities to complete the project is to be identified and the time required to complete each activity is to be estimated to complete the project within time. Simple project management dashboard in excel will help you to keep track of a project. Simple project…

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FD calculator for monthly interest recognision

When an organisation keeps money in many fixed deposit, the interest should be recognized  on periodic basis. Usually it is calculated on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. When there are many fixed deposit,  it is difficult to calculate accrued interest for a period. This fd calculator Excel sheet is prepared to calculate the monthly interest accrued amount on each FD to recognize the revenue. The FD calculator for monthly interest Excel sheet can also be used to monitor the maturity schedule of the FD accounts. You…

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Accounts receivable ageing report in excel

Ageing Statement analysis is a key control for any business. The ageing analysis can be for accounts receivable, accounts payable, advance received, advance paid, inventory etc. Any delay in settling the transaction may have some adverse impact on business. Therefore, the ageing analysis will help in finding such delay in settling the transaction and early attention can be taken to avoid any difficulty. Aging report in excel format This ageing analysis can be done in excel with transaction details. This…

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Central Excise Invoice in excel – Excel Utility

DOWNLOAD  GST invoice preparation utility in excel The Manufacturer of excisable goods, who charge excise duty has to prepare invoice as per rule 11 of central excise rule 2002. This excel template is prepare to generate the invoice under central excise rule. The invoice can be prepared, saved and printed as per the requirement of central excise rule. Following are the features of excise invoice utility. Update Company Master to print in invoices. Prepare invoice with up to 10 line…

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PAN application form in excel with Database facility.

Updated on : 26th March 2017. This utility is prepared to generate the form No. 49A PAN application form in excel. Details for PAN application can be updated, saved and printed in this utility. Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique identification number allotted by the Department of income tax to the Assessee. Application is to be filed along with the relevant documents to the department to get the PAN. Indian resident can file the application in form No. 49A…

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Invoice preperation utility in Excel

DOWNLOAD  GST invoice preparation utility in excel Preparing invoice, maintaining the record and keeping the track of receivable may be time consuming and difficult task. This invoice template in excel is prepared to make this easy for the service providers. Service providers can prepare invoice and also charge service tax in the invoice. Following are the features of the invoice template in excel:  ·         Prepare invoice with up to 5 line items in an invoice. ·         Define Invoice series. ·        …

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ITR 1 (Sahaj) in excel for AY 2015-16 with auto fill function for printing

Are you filing ITR 1 in hard copy ? spending lot of time in writing and filling ITR 1?Save lot of time in in filling ITR 1 and avoid mistakes using this excel utility. Important Features of this excel utility:Autofill of form ITR 1 for printing and submitting to the department along with ITR V ( Acknowledgement)Bulk filing template to prepare and print many returns in short time.Save the ITR in PDF form. This excel utility is prepared for Preparation of…

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