Lookup case sensitive match with EXACT function

There are many methods to lookup case sensitive match, but in this article we will discuss array function with INDEX MATCH with EXACT function.

In the below table, same name Deep Singh is repeated with small case. If we apply Vlookup formula, in both cases it will return first match without considering the case sensitivity.

Lookup case sensitive

In this example, you can see that MATCH function will search for TRUE in result of EXACT function. EXACT function will return the value TRUE if F7 is exactly matching (case sensitive match) with particular row in column C. If these conditions are satisfied, the MATCH function will return the row number for matching. 

With this INDEX function will return the value of column D for row number returned by MATCH function.

This is an array formula, therefore it should be updated with Ctrl+Shift+Enter .

You can download the file with formula in below link.

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