Income tax assessee profiles and assessment status in excel

In this excel utility Income tax profiles of the assessee’s and the assessment status of 3 years can be maintained.

Key features:
·Assessee’s profile details like Name, Address, Mobile No., E-Mail can be stored.
·Details for last 3 assessment year can be maintained ( AY 2014-15, AY 2013-14, AY 2012-13)
·Link the related file and open by one click.
·Open the websites with auto fill of assesse details

To create a profile, you have to enter the PAN in the list sheet and double click on the selected PAN to open the profile of the selected PAN.
Assessee Profile Details:
In assessee profile, you can update Password to Income tax website, date of birth, Name, Address, Mobile No., E-Mail Id. ITR V password and Form 26AS password will be generated automatically in the profile.  

Three Assessment Year’s Details:
In this utility you can store three years (ie. AY 2014-15, AY 2013-14, AY 2012-13) assessment details. To navigate to different assessment years you can click the button provided.  

Link related files in each assessment years:
In each assessment years you can link 10 files. To link the file, click the arrow buttons provided. This will save the link to the file selected. By clicking the open file icon you can open the liked files. This link can be changed or deleted. In this Four default descriptions are given and for other files you can give the necessary descriptions. In comment column you can give the details of each file and assessment status.

Open the websites with auto fill of assessee details:
You can also open the and login to income tax website from this utility. Additionally you can check the PAN, ITR V status and refund status from this utility.

When you click on these buttons to open the website, it will open a separate window and the required details will be updated in the website automatically.

Update button will save the changes made in the profile. If you click back button, the profile will be updated and closed and list will be opened.

Click here to download the utility.

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  3. Please enter the activation code received through email to the utility in "List" sheet Cell "J2"

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  5. Hi… i downloaded "Income Tax Status and file mangement" i registered with the key provided in mail & MACRO ENABLED. But the problem is that after writing the PAN & double clicking on that the 2nd screen to fill the remaining detail does not open in EXCEL 2003. pl. help. awaiting reply.

  6. PAN Card is an important document which is used in financial transactions and use at every government application so know your pan status to be aware with it.

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