How to use excel TIMEVALUE function


TIMEVALUE function in Excel is a type of TIMEVALUE/TIME function. This function is used to change time which is in form of text to a valid excel format and gives result in form of serial number in the Excel time system. For example, formula =TIMEVALUE(“11:02 AM”) gives 0.459722 as the result.




  • Time_Text-  It is the text or cell reference which represents the time value in valid excel format.


  • In General formatting of Excel, TIMEVALUE function gives you result in form of a serial number, to get it in a readable form you have to apply the number format function.
  • Any data info. present in the argument will be ignored.
  • The TIMEVALUE function is also used with COUNTIFS and SUMIFS functions which add a dynamic nature to these functions and they update automatically when TIMEVALUE value is changed.


Here we have added hour, minute, second in respective columns A, B, C and used the TIMEVALUE function to enter Serial number in Excel Format in column E.

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