How to use Excel TEXTJOIN Function


TEXTJOIN function are text/string function in excel. It is used to join multiple text strings with a delimiter attached to it. It also has option to ignore empty values and can also be used to join a range of cells.


=TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, text2)


Delimiter: It is the separator between text values.

Ignore_empty: Logical argument which decides whether empty values should be ignored or not.

Text1: It is the first text or range.

Text2: It is the second text or range


  • It is different from CONCATENATE function in ways such as it has delimiter and range of cells can also be specified.
  • Ignore_Empty can be TRUE or FALSE, if true than empty values are skipped.
  • This function was added through Excel 2016 and later versions.


In this example, text values are entered in column A,B,C,D and TEXTJOIN function is used to join these values from all columns into Column E respectively by using comma as a delimiter and TRUE value for Ignore_Empty argument.

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