How to use Excel REPT Function


REPT function in excel is a built in text/string function. This function is used to repeat characters a given number of times. For example, =REPT(A, 2) gives AA as the result. It is also used as worksheet function and can be entered in cell of a worksheet.


=REPT(Text, Number )


Text: It is the text or reference to a cell containing the text, which will be repeated

Number: Number of times you wants to repeat the text.


  • This function can also be used to make a histogram.
  • If 0 is entered in number argument, REPT gives empty text as result.
  • Its result cannot be larger than 32767 characters, otherwise #VALUE error is displayed.


In this example, some characters are entered in column A, REPT function is used to repeat these characters three times in column B.

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