How to use Excel MONTH function


MONTH function in Excel is a type of DATE/TIME function. It used to obtain find month of a specified date. It returns a serial number in integer form (1 for Jan. up to 12 for Dec). It can be used to supply month into a cell or used with functions like DATE function as a feeder.


=MONTH( Date )


  • Date:- A date in a valid excel format. Can be entered using DATE function, If dates in form of text are entered then there is a possibility of getting an error.  


  • In General formatting of Excel, Dates are in form of serial numbers. Serial number 1 is for 1 JAN, 1900 and the number increases from thereon. For getting it in readable form use the formatting function.
  • A valid Excel date must be used.
  • For text values #VALUE error is displayed.


2018 September 9th

1.In this example we used the following dates:

At B7, an invalid format is used so we used DATE and MONTH function together.

month function

2. In this example, MONTH and DATEVALUE functions are used together to convert month names into serial numbers.

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