How to use Excel MINUTE Function


MINUTE function in Excel is a type of DATE/TIME function. This function is used to find minutes from a given time. It gives result in form of numbers ranging from 0 to 59. For example, for time 10:15 AM, MINUTE function will retrieve 15 as the result. MINUTE function can also be used with the TIME function for feeding MINUTEs into this function.




  • Serial_Number- This is time in a valid excel format or a cell number containing the valid time.


  • Time values are represented in form of decimal numbers, for example 6:00 PM is represented by 0.75 as it is 0.75 of 24 hours which is 18 hours.
  • Time can be entered in form of text strings or decimal numbers; to reduce errors, TIME function can be used to supply time.
  • Excel default format for storing date and time is in form of serial numbers; to view it in readable form, use formatting tab.
  • It can be used as a feeder to insert minutes in TIME function.


In this example, Time is given in column A and MINUTE function is used in column B to extract number of minutes from the time.

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