How to use Excel DBCS Function


DBCS function in excel is a text/string function. Its full form is (Double Byte Character Set). This function is used to convert single byte characters into double byte characters in a text string. This function is useful for multiple languages and unique characters. Half width characters are converted to full width characters. For example, =DBCS(“PRINCE) gives PRINCE as the result.




  • Text: It is the text or reference which contains the characters you wants to convert to double bytes.


  • The maximum characters possible in one byte is 265 while in two bytes maximum characters possible are square of 256.
  • Japanese language characters are changed to half width while English and katakana characters are changed to full width characters.


In this example, some one byte values of English language are entered in column A and DBCS function is used to convert these characters into two byte values.

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