How to use Excel COUNTBLANK Function


COUNTBLANK function in excel is a statistical function. This function is used to count empty cells and cells containing text values, numbers, logical values etc. are not used in counting. This is a worksheet function and can be entered into the cell in which COUNTBLANK is required.




Range: It is the range of cells from which blank cells will be counted.


  • COUNTBLANK function can use up to 255 additional values.
  • Text values, logical values, empty cells are not used for counting and omitted.
  • If one wants to count text values and logical values, use COUNTA function.
  • COUNTIF and COUNTIFS function are used if one wants to use certain criteria for counting.
  • Use COUNT function if only numbers are to be counted.


In this example, various values are entered in Column A and Column B, and COUNTBLANK function is used to count values of Column A and column B using the formula =COUNTBLANK(A4:B9) which gives 4 as the result.

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