This article explains what is hidden and very hidden sheets in excel, what is the difference between these two and how to hide and unhide sheets.

Hidden and Very Hidden sheets in Excel

In excel we can hide the sheets which are created in a workbook. There are 2 levels of hiding the worksheets.

The data available in the hidden sheet will not be impacted and the links given to other sheets will work without any issues when you hide the sheet.

In case if you wish to unhide the sheet, you can right click on any worksheet tab and click on Unhide. It will show all list of sheets which are hidden in the workbook. You can select the sheet which you want to unhide.

How to make a sheet Very Hidden

To make a sheet very hidden, go to VBA editor by right click on sheet and click on View Code. or you can click on Alt+F11.

In VBA interface, you can see the Project window and properties window. In case if you can’t see properties window, click on View and select properties window.

Then select the sheet you want to make Very Hidden from the Project Window and Properties window, you can see visible option. For this, select xlSheetVeryHidden as shown below. This will make the selected sheet very hidden.

To unhide this sheet, you will have to change the same Visible status to xlSheetVisible.

When you make the sheet Very Hidden. such sheets will not be visible to unhide in excel interface.

In case if you do not want to allow user to unhide the very hidden sheet, you can put password to vba project by clicking on tools> VBA project properties > Protection.

With this you can make the Very Hidden sheet restricted for access with password.

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