Excise Invoice Preparation utility in excel

DOWNLOAD  GST invoice preparation utility in excel
The central excise invoice format in excel is developed to prepare central excise invoice as per the provisions of central excise rule. you can prepare invoice, edit that if you want to and print the invoice.
Update the company master data in the Home sheet, this information will be printed in the invoice. You can also update the Invoice number prefix and suffix and invoice starting number. Invoice number will be updated each time when you created.

Options are available in this Home sheet to Prepare invoice, Edit Invoice, Print Invoice and to update Customer Master.
First, the customer code is to be created with customer details. Customer code will be displayed automatically.
In prepare invoice screen, you can select the customer code and update all other invoice details. The date and time of invoice will be updated automatically, you can change this details.
When you click on save the central excise invoice will be generated, you can print the invoice by clicking print button in Home sheet and selecting invoice Number in the drop down list.
In invoice print screen the logo of the company can be added using insert picture option. The details of all invoice created will be saved in the utility. Details of up to 5 items can be given in the invoice.
Download central excise invoice format in excel trial utility.


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Terms and Conditions:
By using this utility you agree to be bound by this terms and conditions. 
You further agree that your employees / any person you authorise to use the excel utility will also be bound by this terms and conditions. 
This excel utility is prepared for Preparation of Excise Invoice. 
All due care has been taken while preparing the utility to meet the user requirement. But we will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by using this excel utility. 
This excel software utility is to be used only by the approved user of this utility and should not be shared or distributed to other people. 
Also the user is not authorised to upload or share this in the online forums or in the internet.

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    how to delete the unwanted invoice & also how to use decimal digits in Ed % column

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