Excel Calendar for 2019 and any year

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Excel Calendar for 2019

excel calendar for 2019

In this post i will explain you how to use this excel calendar for 2019 or for any year.

How to use Excel Calendar for 2019

The calendar is prepared using excel VBA. Therefore you need to enable macros to use calendar.

You can use this for any years by changing the year. The calendar will be updated automatically. However the holidays needs to be updated for other years since i have updated this only for 2019.

We can add holidays, events, meetings etc, in calendar. to add this double click on a particular date. It will show the form to add details.

There are four categories of events defined in this and you have to select the appropriate one. You can write up to 5 lines for each day events.

Based on the category selected the dates will be highlighted in the calendar with color codes. When you select a date the details will be updated in the right side box provided.

You can update, edit or delete the events in the calendar by double clicking on the calendar.

I hope this calendar is useful for you. Please comment in case if you have any suggestions or queries on this.

4 thoughts on “Excel Calendar for 2019 and any year”

  1. Devang Agrawal

    It is password protected and it doesn’t work. How to unlock it and make it work.

    1. Excelhub

      Enable macro and watch the video to know how to use

  2. Firoz Lalawala

    Edit not working in Excel Calendar for 2019..Means once u make your entries for a particular day….you cannot edit or add new entry…..please fix it….thanks

    1. Excelhub

      You can double click on the date to open edit window.
      it should work… let me know if you have any issues.

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