Change the comma separator from lakhs to million

In excel, different number formatting can be used in the worksheet. It can be number, currency, accounting, date, time etc,. To Learn more about number formatting you can read All about number formatting in excel .

Comma separator in number formatting

The Comma separator is used in currency and accounting number formatting of excel worksheet. The comma separator varies depending on the practices followed in different countries or region.

In case of Million and Billion style, the comma separator is for each 3 digits.

In case of Lakhs and Crores (India), the comma separator is for first 3 digits from the right to left and every 2 digits after that.

Change the comma separator from lakhs to million

We do not have the option to change the comma separator in excel. In windows operating system, the comma separator is decided in excel based on the Format selected in the Region and Language section of the operating system. When you change the format in Region and Language section, the same is automatically reflected in the excel. In this post i have explained the change of comma separator from lakhs (Indian style) to Million. Similarly you can change the formats to other styles also.

Below is the simple procedure to change the comma separator in excel. Sometimes you may want to show the numbers in millions but excel shows in lakhs in accounting number format.  

If your excel is showing comma for lakhs, this can be changed to million by changing the region in the control panel.

Steps to change the comma separator from lakhs to million:

  • Go to control panel and click on Region and Language.
  • then change the Format to English(United states).
  • After changing this close the excel and reopen.
Change the comma separator from lakhs to million

You can close the excel and restart to take the effect, In case if the same is not reflected in excel after changing the settings. You can see more details in below video about the steps to change the comma separator in excel.

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