How to lock cell and protect sheet in excel

Protect worksheet

Excel provides the facility to protect sheet from updating from users. We can define the cells to be protected and cells to be allowed to be used in the sheet in a same sheet. The cells not protected will be allowed for user for updating the data and the protected cell can’t be altered by … Read more

How to insert image into excel comment box

How to add comment to excel cell  & insert image into excel comment box ? Excel provides options to put comments to the cell for easy reference. By default this comment will be popped up when you move mouse cursor near to the comment cell. You can enter separate comment to each cell. You can easily … Read more

10 Shortcut Keys in excel to speedup your work.

The shortcut keys will speed up the work by avoiding mouse clicks. Remembering these shortcut keys may be difficult, but by regular practice we can develop the habit of using short cut keys. Following are the 10 shortcut keys to speedup your work. 1 Ctrl+Space and Shift+Space  these are the short cut keys used for … Read more