How to find duplicates in excel- 3 ways to check for duplicates

As a part of data analysis , in excel we can find and remove duplicate values. there are different ways to remove duplicates in excel. In this article let us understand how to find duplicates in excel. 3 Different ways to check duplicates: There are three different ways to find duplicates in excel. Conditional formating to find duplicates  Using Remove READ MORE

How to lock cell and protect sheet in excel

Excel provides the facility to protect sheet from updating from users. We can define the cells to be protected and cells to be allowed to be used in the sheet in a same sheet. The cells not protected will be allowed for user for updating the data and the protected cell can’t be altered by the users. The protection can READ MORE

Hide formulas in excel and protect worksheet from update

The Formula bar shows the formula entered in a cell when the cell is selected. Some time you may want to hide this formula from viewing. You can hide formulas in excel sheet without hiding the results of the formula. By doing this the results will appear without any impact in the cell. But the formula will not be visible in READ MORE

How to insert image into excel comment box

How to add comment to excel cell  & insert image into excel comment box ? Excel provides options to put comments to the cell for easy reference. By default this comment will be popped up when you move mouse cursor near to the comment cell. You can enter separate comment to each cell. You can easily add the comment by right READ MORE

How to customise quick access toolbar…?

If you use some of the excel commands very frequently and if you find it difficult to call from the ribbon, you can add this command to quick access toolbar with the help of customise quick access toolbar. Default quick access toolbar will contains 3 tools save, undo and redo. You can customise the quick access toolbar by adding other commands that READ MORE

View or Print all formulas in a Sheet

If you want to View or Print all formulas in excel cell, you can select that cell and view the formula in formula bar. You can also view the formula of selected cell by pressing the F2 Key. But if you want to see the formulas in a sheet, you can go to Formulas Tab and click on Show Formulas. READ MORE

Insert table from excel to Gmail or Blogger

If you have information in excel in the form of table and you want to copy and paste it to gmail, or in the blogger compose box, the formatting will not be pasted in gmail compose window. It will paste the data without border and colours.To paste the table with formatting in Gmail, follow these steps:1. Copy the table in READ MORE

Change the comma separator from lakhs to million

Change the comma separator from lakhs to million: Numbers entered in excel shows the comma separator when the format of the cells are accounting format. Comma separator may be for lakhs or for million based on the region selected in the windows operating system. Sometimes you may want to show the numbers in millions but excel will show in lakhs. READ MORE