Shared workbooks feature in excel

If several users who need to work from the same workbook at the same time, you can use Shared Workbook feature. To use this feature, select Tools | Share Workbook, and Excel will allow more than one users to update the workbook. You can set options that control when changes are updated and how to handle conflicting edits by different READ MORE

Break Link to remove the linked file sources

When you work on a large file which contains link from different files, the file size becomes large and removing the link by searching different links may be difficult. To remove these link easly and to make the linked contents as paste special values you can follow these steps. ·         Go to Data tab and click on Edit links. ·         READ MORE

Quick access to worksheets

When there are many worksheets in a workbook and all the worksheets are not visible in the worksheet tab. The user has to search for the required worksheet. To search the sheet quickly you can right click on the any of the tab scrolling buttons, a short cut menu will pop-up and you can select the worksheet you want.

Large file size due to names with error in excel

Some times, when you move sheets from different file, the file size will be too large even though the contents of the file are very less. The reason for this may be the Names defined in the original file which is moved to new file. These Names may not be required in this file and if the link for the READ MORE

Open a particular workbook automatically when excel opened.

If you work regularly on a particular workbook, and if you want to open that file when the excel application is launched, you can follow these steps.Create a shortcut of that particular excel file.Copy that shortcut and paste that to XLSTART which you can find in excel program files.(You can find this folder in C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice)After placing the shortcut, READ MORE