Accessing ribbon by using your keyboard

At first glance you may think that the accessing Ribbon is completely Mouse- centric. After all, the commands don’t display the traditional underlined letter to indicate the Alt +keystrokes.  But in fact, the Ribbon is very keyboard friendly. The trick is to press the alt key to display the pop-up key tips. Each Ribbon control … Read more

All about number formatting in excel

Number formatting in excel. The appearance of numbers in the cells can be changed by changing the formatting of numbers. There are many number formatting options available in excel. In the following sections you see how to use many number formatting in excel to quickly improve the appearance of your worksheets. When you enter the … Read more

Editing cell contents in excel

Editing cell contents in excel There are different ways to edit data in a cell. Edit the cell’s contents. Delete the cell’s contents. Replace the cell’s contents with something else. Editing the contents of a cell If you want to make any change in the existing data in a cell, you can edit cell data. … Read more

Types of commands on the Ribbon

When you move your mouse pointer over a ribbon command, you will see a pop-up box that contains the command’s name, as well as a brief description. For the most part, the commands in the Ribbon work just as you would expect them to. Below are the different style of commands on the Ribbon: Simple buttons: Click the … Read more

Ribbon tabs in excel

Microsoft has introduced Ribbon interface from Office 2007 and later version. This interface will replace the traditional menu and toolbar with a collection of icons at the top of the screen. This Ribbon icons grouped based on the functions under different tabs. Users find that the Ribbon tabs in excel is easier to use as … Read more

Workbooks, Worksheets in excel

Workbooks: In this post you can understand what is Workbooks and Worksheets in excel. The Work you do in excel is performed and saved in a file, such excel file is called as workbook. You can open as many excel files you need, and each one appears in different window. Excel workbooks/ files are saved … Read more

8 Best Uses of Excel software

Excel is a spread sheet software developed by Microsoft, used for numerical calculations data analysis. This is a widely used user friendly software which helps in storing the data, numerical calculation, graphs and charts, dashboard reporting etc.  Below are the top 8 best Uses of Excel spread sheet software:- 1.   Numerical calculations:- This type of … Read more