Billing and debtors management utility for CA’s

The new latest version of Invoice preparation utility in Excel

July 31st is the last date for filing the Income-tax return, when I requested my CA friend to file my tax return, in turn, I received a request from him prepare a worksheet to prepare and maintain his billings. Based on his request I prepared the worksheet and I am sharing the same with you with a brief note on how to use this.   This is simple and free to use utility, you can make necessary changes as per your requirements. Update the firm Profile which is to be printed on the bill. This is linked to the bill and the information will appear on the bill automatically.

Create a customer or client master to whom you want to make the invoice. In this, you can create up to 100 customer details. This is one-time activity, whenever you have to make the invoice to a new customers you can create a record. Customer code will be generated automatically, which can be selected at the time of entering the billing details.

After updating the Firm profile and Customer Master, you can prepare the bill. To prepare the bill update the details in in BILLING DETAILS sheet. Customer code can be selected from the drop-down list and other information is to updated to prepare the bill. This sheet also includes the collection details, updating the collection details will help in getting the correct debtors statement.  

To get the print of the bill, go to the bill print sheet and select the invoice number to be printed. Based on the invoice number the information will be updated in the bill and the invoice will be ready for print.

The collection status is to be updated in the BILLING DETAILS sheet. Based on this information the debtor’s statement with aging will be generated in the Debtors Aging Statement sheet.

This file is not password protected, you can make necessary changes to the sheet and use this. I request you to give your valuable suggestions. Click here to download the file

The new latest version of Invoice preparation utility in Excel

3 thoughts on “Billing and debtors management utility for CA’s”

  1. Hello

    The problem is what if i want to make an invoice with 2 different Services i.e.
    If in an invoice i want to bill for both service tax and vat returns but to wants to show them seperately

    For your reference
    i want the same to look like as follows

    Work Quantum Rate Amount
    Service tax Return 2 10000/- 20000/-
    VAT Return 5 10000/- 50000/-

    Sub Total 70000/-

    Service Tax 8652/-

    Out of Pocket Expenses 5000/-

    Gross Total 83652/-

  2. Nayankumar Chauhan

    I am not able to download Billing and debtors management utility for CA’s.Kindly Send me the same on my email id.

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