Nested vlookup in excel : vlookp trick

Nested VLOOKUP is helpful when you have to retrieve the details from two table and the lookup value is not the common field in both the table. You may know nested IF which is helpful if you are checking multiple condition in same formula. Similarly you can use VLOOKUP formula within VLOOKUP to get lookup value. This can be explained READ MORE

Speedup your vlookup: 2vlookups instead of 1 vlookup

Simple VLOOKUP formula is reasonably faster with small table data.  But in case if you are handling a large data table like 10,000 or 1,00,000 rows, VLOOKUP may be bit slower. To speedup your VLOOKUP you can use below technique which will improve the speed by more than 10 times.  We may not understand how exactly it works  in the READ MORE

Lookup Picture in excel with Index Match

We know that the vlookup will retrieve the value from a table. But in case if we want to retrieve picture like vlookup, we have to follow below steps. Let us understand how to lookup picture in excel. Vlookup can not do picture lookup, therefore we will have to use INDEX MATCH with some more tricks. How to Lookup Picture in READ MORE

Lookup case sensitive match with EXACT function

There are many methods to lookup case sensitive match, but in this article we will discuss array function with INDEX MATCH with EXACT function. In the below table, same name Deep Singh is repeated with small case. If we apply Vlookup formula, in both cases it will return first match without considering the case sensitivity. In this example, you can READ MORE

Vlookup multiple criteria – 3 ways to check multiple criteria

Can VLOOKUP check multiple criteria to match the value like SUMIFS or COUNTIFS ? The answer may be no, because by default the VLOOKUP function can check only one criteria for matching. But in case if you want to use VLOOKUP to match more than one conditions, this article will explain you the different ways to check Vlookup multiple criteria. READ MORE

Two way lookup in excel with vlookup match

VLOOKUP function will search for the value in a table vertically and returns the value of the column based on the column index for matching row. The column index is defined in the formula and usually it is a constant value. With the combination of VLOOKUP MATCH function we can dynamically change the column index. This will enable two dimensional READ MORE

Vlookup to the left: 3 ways to lookup left in excel

Vlookup is the most widely used function in Excel. As we all know Vlookup searches for the given value in a table and brings the value of that column or the column which is in the right side. That means by default Vlookup can look right side in the table. However with the combination of other functions we can make READ MORE

How to use Vlookup wildcard search in excel

In excel formulas; we can use the wildcard for partial matches to get the results. This can be used many functions where we do matching to get the results. Similarly, we can use the wildcard in vlookup formula. In this post I will explain you how to use vlookup wildcard in excel formula. You can also download the sample excel READ MORE

Excel VBA to Display search result in listbox

In case if you have a large list of employee data in a sheet and you want to select one employee details in main sheet based on the employee number. You can put a vlookup table and the details can be retrieved based on id in that table as below. But in case if you cant remember all employee id’s, READ MORE