Shared workbooks feature in excel

If several users who need to work from the same workbook at the same time, you can use Shared Workbook feature. To use this feature, select Tools | Share Workbook, and Excel will allow more than one users to update the workbook. You can set options that control when changes are updated and how to handle conflicting edits by different users. You can choose to save updates when a user clicks Save, or you can specify a time interval for Excel to automatically save user updates. When you use the share workbook feature, it will track changes made by each user. Then you can see exactly what changes were made to cells, when sheets were added or deleted, how conflicting edits were resolved, etc by each user. Users can also see the names of all the other users who have the workbook open for editing.
Share workbook in excel 2013.

Share workbook
Share workbook

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