MID function in excel worksheet

Excel Version in which MID function can work: MID function will work in Excel 2016, Excel 2013, and Excel 2011 for Mac, Excel 2010, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP, and Excel 2000. About MID function: MID worksheet function extracts specified number of letters from a word. This is a built in function in excel

Accessing ribbon by using your keyboard

At first glance you may think that the accessing Ribbon is completely Mouse- centric. After all, the commands don’t display the traditional underlined letter to indicate the Alt +keystrokes.  But in fact, the Ribbon is very keyboard friendly. The trick is to press the alt key to display the pop-up key tips. Each Ribbon control

IF with OR formula for multiple logical tests.

 How to use IF with OR function..? In our previous post IF with AND formula for multiple logical tests is explained with the example. In this post we can understand if with or formula. Instead of using AND function, we can use OR function for testing multiple logical tests to give the results. OR Function:

IF with AND formula for multiple logical tests.

How to use IF with AND function..? In our previous post IF function and nested IF function is explained with the example. Similarly, instead of using Nested IF function IF with AND formula can be used for testing multiple logical tests to give the results. AND Function: In AND logic, different logical test can be done.

IF function and nested if furmula in excel

How to use IF FUNCTION AND NESTED IF ..? In excel we can do logical test with if function, IF function will check the given condition, based on the output of the condition it can give two different results. If the given condition is YES, it will give one output and if it is NO then

Excel vba pdf : Macro to create bulk pdf in Excel.

How to write Macro to create bulk pdf in Excel ? Excel vba pdf : Excel VBA programming is a powerful tool to automate the task. We can automate the repetitive task and save lot of time in work. In this post you can learn how to automate salary slip creation in pdf format. You can

GST invoice format in excel

Have you started the preparation for Goods and Service tax (GST)? Yes, in all probability GST will be implemented from 1st April 2017. This is a major change in indirect taxation in India. Early preparation for GST is must to understand the impact of GST with different aspects. Existing system and software will require a major modification. Product

All about number formatting in excel

Number formatting in excel. The appearance of numbers in the cells can be changed by changing the formatting of numbers. There are many number formatting options available in excel. In the following sections you see how to use many number formatting in excel to quickly improve the appearance of your worksheets. When you enter the

How to customise quick access toolbar…?

If you use some of the excel commands very frequently and if you find it difficult to call from the ribbon, you can add this command to quick access toolbar with the help of customise quick access toolbar. Default quick access toolbar will contains 3 tools save, undo and redo. You can customise the quick access toolbar

Editing cell contents in excel

Editing cell contents in excel There are different ways to edit data in a cell. Edit the cell’s contents. Delete the cell’s contents. Replace the cell’s contents with something else. Editing the contents of a cell If you want to make any change in the existing data in a cell, you can edit cell data.