Hide formulas in excel and protect worksheet from update

The Formula bar shows the formula entered in a cell when the cell is selected. In case if you have entered some complicated formula which you don’t want to show to the user, you can hide formulas in excel sheet without hiding the results of the formula. By doing this the results will appear without any impact.

To hide formulas in excel follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Range which you want to hide
  2. Go to format cell > go to Protection > select Hidden and click Ok.
  3. Go to Review and click on protect sheet.
  4. Enter password in the box and reconfirm and click Ok.

Hide formulas in excel

Protect worksheet

You can protect sheet with or without password. But if you don’t put password, user can unprotect sheet and see the formulas. By protecting sheet, user cant edit the locked cells.

hide formula

To know more about how to protect sheet, you can see below video.


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