Currency count for salary disbursement with special requirement

When the cash salary is to be disbursed to many employees, the currency of different denominations are required to make the payment. Some times currency notes of few denominations may not be available. Before making the payment the payer should be ready with the cash of required denominations. The Currency count for salary disbursement excel sheet will help to do this.
Currency count for salary disbursement excel sheet is prepared to calculate the currency notes of different denominations required for paying the amount. The logic is developed considering that there is a shortage of currency notes of Rs. 10.

Currency count for salary disbursement

The amounts payable to each employee  should be updated in Column “C” and the amount should be rounded off to nearest rupee. When the amount is updated it will show the number of currencies with different denominations required to pay the amount. If any currency with particular denomination is not available  the currency value in the top can be deleted and the worksheet will not consider that particular denomination for calculation. The total is also verified with the amount and if there any difference column will show the difference if any.
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The excel file can be downloaded and can be modified as per the requirement.

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