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Contact Management software in excel

This is a contact management software developed in excel. This software will enable you to add contact, search, save print and send email to contacts. Main features of the software are as follows: Add Contacts in to the sheet. Search contact in the sheet. Print contact for mail sending address. send email through outlook. Modify

GST Invoice template in excel

GST Invoice template in excel New GST invoice software download From 1st July 2017, India rolls out its biggest indirect tax reforms Goods and Service tax. All invoices prepared from 1st july should be prepared with GST as per the Invoice rules. We have prepared GST invoice template in excel to prepare the invoice. In

Form 16 Part B excel utility -free download.

Form 16 Part B excel utility Now it is the time to issue form 16 to all employees and file income tax returns for the assessment year 2017-18. Last date for issue of form 16 for employer is 15th June 2017.  Form 16 consists of 2 parts, Part A which is generated from the income

Payroll software in excel – Free Software

Payroll processing excel utility is payroll software developed for salary processing of employees. This article will explain about how to use Payroll processing excel utility. Following are the key features of this utility. Process Monthly salary up to 100 employees. Maintain Employee Masters, Salary Masters, Tax Masters for salary processing. Print Pay slips with bulk pdf

GST invoice format in excel

Have you started the preparation for Goods and Service tax (GST)? Yes, in all probability GST will be implemented from 1st April 2017. This is a major change in indirect taxation in India. Early preparation for GST is must to understand the impact of GST with different aspects. Existing system and software will require a major modification. Product

MIS reporting format of performance for small business.

MIS reporting format of performance for small business: Management information system reporting or MIS reporting is a set of data compiled and presented to management. This information is helpful in analyzing the business situation and decision making for different level of management. Different department may use different kinds of reports to analyse and decision making.

Simple project management dashboard in excel

Simple project management dashboard in excel: Project is a unique non routine task, the completion of which requires many sequence of activities. To complete any project successfully proper planning, execution, reviewing monitoring is very essential. The list of activities to complete the project is to be identified and the time required to complete each activity is

FD calculator for monthly interest recognision

When an organisation keeps money in many fixed deposit, the interest should be recognized  on periodic basis. Usually it is calculated on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. When there are many fixed deposit,  it is difficult to calculate accrued interest for a period. This fd calculator Excel sheet is prepared to calculate the monthly interest accrued